The law firm KGG & Associés was founded in 1967 by three lawyers, one of which was also a public notary. For many years, our firm has trained a significant number of trainee lawyers and junior associates who have successfully continued their career in legal services, in the court system or in academia, just to name a few.

Ever since the 1980ies, KGG & Associés has continuously expanded and counts today seven lawyers, two of which are also public notaries, as well as several trainee lawyers.


The law firm KGG & Associés aims at providing high quality global legal services to its clients, reaching from legal advice to representation before courts, agencies, administrative authorities and arbitral tribunals.

One of the major assets of our law firm is the ability to efficiently advise clients in complex issues relating to the different fields of Swiss and international law. Due to its boutique law firm size, we can, at the same time, ensure a personal attorney-client relationship.

KGG & Associés has a long standing tradition of its lawyers consistently combining academic activities (such as teaching at universities and publishing papers) with legal practice. As a result, many of our lawyers are widely recognised legal scholars who actively contribute to the development of the law.


Our law firm is composed of seven lawyers, one who is also a notary, four trainees as well as administrative support staff.

Given the different specialisations of our lawyers and public notaries as well as our firm’s vast network of contacts to other lawyers in Switzerland and abroad, we are able to provide global legal services both to individuals and companies.

A major advantage of each of our lawyer’s specialisation is that we are able to benefit from the synergies which are created through the exchange of knowledge between the different specialists. Such team work enables us to advise our clients quickly and efficiently in order to resolve even the most complex legal issues.

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